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With a wide brim and smooth lines, this is our newest ladies hat designed exclusively for the Jubilee! Well suited to a breakfast by the water or an afternoon in the City, this versatile hat is an essential addition to any outfit!

Colour:  This traditional colour combination of bleached white straw (achieved through a combination of sun and soak bleaching) with a choice of black, jubilee purple or antique gold emphasises the classic design of this hat.

Weave:  The Panama hat company uses a fine brisa straw  painstakingly woven into a beautiful lattice structure to ensure supreme lightness, softness and breathability. Each hat takes more than a day for weavers to weave,  paid by the piece, and do not work in factories.   

This is a Genuine Panama Hat

Handwoven in Ecuador  flag-of-ecuador.pnguk-map-flag-ill-union-jack.gif and finished to the highest standard in England  uk-map-flag-ill-union-jack.gif