Our Panamas

At the Panama Hat Company, we offer one of the largest selections of quality genuine Panama hats, in a variety of weaves, qualities, colours and styles. We are sure there is a perfect Panama waiting for you!

Men's Panamas

Our men's hats are finished with a satin sweatband, and size label.


Women's Panamas

All our Ladies Panamas are one size only (medium - approx 56-57cm), with a soft elasticated inner band for comfort, unless otherwise stated. If you require a smaller or larger size, please mention the size required in your order (as an order note), as we can arrange for the elastic to be specially affixed for specific sizes if required.

Genuine Panama Hats

As we only sell GENUINE Ecuadorian Panama hats, our Panamas will carry a mark or label inside the hat, which will have been placed on the straw hat body while still in Ecuador.


This will either be in the form of a small sticker or brown feint oval stamp, and should not be confused with a dirt mark!

In addition all our Panamas state that they are a Genuine Panama on the inner band/label.