The Panama Hat Company Ltd is a UK based family business with over 25 years of experience in importing and exporting Genuine Panama hats. Based in London, the ownerand company director Jenny is from Ecuador herself and uses her unrivalled knowledge, experience and passion for her native Panama hat industry to provide the largest range of quality Panama hats in the UK.

All our genuine Panama hats are woven in Ecuador and then finished to the finest standard in England.

Jenny and Princess Anne

We pride ourselves on our relations with the Panama hat suppliers in Ecuador, and for developing excellent ties with them over the years. Having taking a keen interest in the welfare and conditions of the skilled Panama hat weavers over the years, in 1995, Jenny received the World Vision award for Development Initiative, presented by HRH The Princess Royal.

We continue to ensure, through our strong supplier relations and other initiatives, that the weavers in Ecuador are well provided for and rewarded accordingly in a fair manner.

The Panama Hat Company Limited is a wholly owned subsiduary of Majesa Ltd, our parent company, which specialises in wholesale importing and exporting Panama Hats across the world to retailers, hat manufacturers and milliners alike. For trade enquiries, please see the Majesa website or contact info@majesa.com.