Fuscia Geo Panama

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Pretty in Pink: In order to celebrate the launch of Barbie we have styled a pink Panama

We LOVED the film – we thought it was a powerful film about real women of all depictions

Heres how you can style your perfect Barbie style Panama

Step 1️⃣: Choose the Perfect Pink Panama Hat

Select a pink Panama hat that complements your personal style. This Panama is currently our favourite but you can always contact us to make you a Panama in up to 5 shades of pink! – check out the Fuscia Geo Panama on our website now!. ??

Step 2️⃣: Play with Shades and Textures

When selecting your pink outfit, try a monotone outfit to complement the fucia Geo Panama that is full of texture. Mix and match light and dark pinks which will add interest to your ensemble. ??

Step 3️⃣: Accessorize simply

Complement your pink Panama hat but remember with a bright colour, less is more. Think dainty gold jewellery, or a cute pink handbag. These subtle additions will tie the entire look together and enhance its femininity and elegance. ✨?

Step 4️⃣: Confidence is Key

Remember, the most essential accessory is your confidence! Wear your pink Panama hat and outfit with pride, Own your style, and let your pink ensemble radiate joy, positivity, and girl power. ??

 Capture your pink perfection moments and share them using #barbie #barbiephoto #beauty #barbiefashionistas #PinkPanamaPower, as we celebrate the magic of pink in all its glory! Lets celebrate the barbievibe together. ?✨