Elsie Camel Panama

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The Elsie panama comes in a warm tan shade, shaped with a low crown and dashing horse hair band supplied from our gorgeous Ecuadorian farming family who brush the horses and use the hair to weave these beautiful trims. Our Elsie Panama has simple style and is the perfect companion for your summer holidays. It is named after Jenny Elisabeth - our founders second name, who has lived and breathed Panamas for over 40 years. Heres to you Jenny!

A classic Ivory Panama with a choice of 6 different bands sewn to your specifications in our workshop

Measurements: Brim: approx 6cm/ 2.5in. Crown: height approx 9cm/ 3.5in.

Material: Toquilla straw.

+ A great packing tip is to pack the crown tightly with soft items, and then place face down in between some clothes in your suitcase (make a 'well') and then pack some items flat over the brim to keep it from moving in your suitcase. If your hat mis shapes it can be lightly ironed in between a towel with some steam to reshape the brim (only).

This is a Genuine Panama Hat woven in Ecuador, and made by hand in our Bedfordshire factory using traditional hat making machines

Please note this hat is not foldable. This short brimmed panama is is a modern twist on the the classic trilby. It has a soft brown satin inner band and is customisable with a choice of different trims which will be hand sewn for you by our Hat Makers in our Bedfordshire Hat Factory.

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